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Check out this totally amazing video of this lesbian slut stretching the fuck out of her pussy and pee hole. She inserts a medical speculum to open her pussy wide and to enable her to insert fingers and dildoes right up inside her pee hole. The camera gets up close and personal and you can clearly see the inside of this bitches pisser in HD quality.
It is an avi file and has been split into two more manageable download sizes 100mb and 47mb.

Get the female pee hole stretching movie files here:
Part I :[Female Pee Hole Stretching Video]
Part II:[Female Pee Hole Stretching Video]

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The two files are in the 001 file format HJSplit is free and joins 001 files go here to download your version its 344kb [July 2009].

Alternatively, go to the folder where these files are saved, open command prompt, enter the following at the command prompt :
copy /b female-pee-hole-stretching-movie.001+female-pee-hole-stretching-movie.002 female-pee-hole-stretching-movie.avi /b
Hit enter the files are joined.

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